My name is Ann-Maree and welcome to my website.
l am a self taught intuitive artist who finds endless inspiration in our magnificent ocean, natures incredible beauty and the wonders of the universe.
I work with a wide variety of mediums and strive to create a fluid mix of color, depth, texture and light to take the eye on an ethereal journey.
After working exclusively on original artworks and commissions for the past 15 years, l decided to create this limited edition print range based on a series of my original paintings, in the hope of sharing my work with a broader audience and also those who may be daunted by a custom order, or for those first time art buyers or collectors wishing to grow their collection without breaking the bank.
l have thoroughly enjoyed creating these artworks and l am thrilled with the results.
I hope you enjoy my work and that it conveys the peace and happiness l feel when l create it. 
Love, Ann-Maree